Embodying Flow

Qigong & Painting Retreat

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Time: 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Location: Studio 1.6, 1509 1/2 Webster Street, Alameda CA

Tuition: $58 (includes all class materials and art supplies)

Instructors: Nicole Stone & Anita Sulimanovic

This workshop is a combination of cultivating your energy and unblocking your creativity. It will include a one-hour Qigong practice that consists of gentle stretching exercises and fluid movements. After exploring the circulation of your life-force energy through Qigong practice, your mind should be in an ideal state to create. You will choose a picture from our collection of inspiring landscapes and after a short introduction into the technical aspects of using acrylics, you will paint on canvas. You will receive one-on-one feedback and help in all aspects of drawing and painting along the way. No previous experience in either Qigong or painting is necessary. You will be supported and instructed by two expert teachers in each field. 
Snacks and tea will be provided for your enjoyment.

About  Instructors:

Nicole Stone is a Qigong teacher and movement artist living in Alameda. Those who attend her weekly Qigong classes enjoy her clear instructions, creative imagery and gentle touch. She has been studying Qigong since 2011 and is influenced by her other movement practices of dance and yoga. She is the founder of Joyful Movement Qigong

Anita Sulimanovic is an award winning artist and educator with 25+ years experience in the field. She is the founder and lead instructor at Studio 1.6. Her adult art class was listed as one of the 15 Best Adult Art Classes All Across the Bay Area by McGuire.com. Her teaching experience also includes teaching at the Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland and at Oakland School For the Arts. Anita received her degree of Master of Fine Arts from Edinburgh College of Art a s well as classical European training in drawing, painting, sculpture and art education from The Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb, Croatia. She has been exhibiting internationally since 1994.

Anita and Nicole first met when Anita taught sculpture to Nicole’s son. Their relationship has continued to develop as Anita currently studies Qigong with Nicole. This workshop is their first collaboration and they are both thrilled to explore the dynamism of these two art forms together to see what unfolds. 

What to wear: Please wear comfortable clothing that doesn’t constrict your waist. Also wear comfortable shoes (tennis shoes or flats). Art aprons will be provided at the studio. 

More about Qigong: Qigong, literally “life-energy cultivation” is a centuries-old system of coordinated body-posture and movement, breathing, and meditation used for the purposes of health, spirituality, and martial-arts training. It is a practice of cultivating and balancing qi (pronounced approximately as "chi"), translated as "life energy".

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