Message from our Founder & Lead Instructor

      We are pleased to welcome you to our online art show by our children, youth and adults students who created these pieces during the Fall/Winter semester of 2021/22!

After three semesters of online classes, we were finally back at the studio this September. Although our education has been greatly enriched by all the new teaching methods that I learned through online teaching, I think you will agree with me that nothing compares to the joy of creating in an active artists’ studio where one can experiment with a variety of drawing and painting supplies and be fully immersed in an artistic experience. Since we are back at the studio, this winter we are offering art shows both on the walls of our studio and online.

This fall, we designed special tables that allow for 6 ft distance between students so we can safely return to the studio. I am pleased to share that this new personal space for each student seemed to have contributed to their depth of focus, the results of which are visible in their work. In spite of the pandemic our class attendance was almost perfect this fall, and students continued to create- overcoming all of the difficulties we were all facing. The creativity of our students during this difficult time continues to astonish us and may have in some ways contributed to their achievements which you are about to see!

Everything you see here is a product of and testament to the tireless work of our young students who were willing to learn new skills and follow instructions, as well as to their parents who dedicated their time to bring them to classes even during this difficult time. It is also thanks to our pre-teen and teen students who continued passionately drawing in spite of their heavy school workload. Finally, it is thanks to our adult students who kept participating in classes even when the work schedule was difficult and life circumstances overwhelming.

Thank you for being with us this semester. Enjoy the show!

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.”
Georgia O’Keeffe


Anita Sulimanovic
Founder & Lead Instructor
Studio 1.6
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