Message from our Founder & Lead Instructor

We are pleased to welcome you to our online art show by our children, youth and adults students who created these pieces during the spring semester of 2020!

When the Studio closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we had to quickly figure out a way to continue to provide education despite the interruption. All classes since have been online. It was a sharp learning curve, but, while the move to online classes required a paradigm shift for everyone, I think the creative facilities of our students have helped us adapt to the evolving situation especially effectively. The creativity of our students during this difficult time continues to astonish us and may have in some ways contributed to their achievements which you are about to see. We are very proud of the fact that 50% of the artwork, and almost all of the sculptures in the show, were created during our online classes (yes, sculpture can also be taught online!).

It may appear as though remote learning would be disconnected or less personal, but I’ve found that, to the contrary, these challenges have brought us together as a community. The engagement required to participate in online classes is certainly higher, but the return was well worth it. We strengthened our relationships and even have a new Young Artist Scholarship program and accept donations to help students who would otherwise be unable to attend classes due to financial issues.

We hope that we will return to the studio this fall (if not sooner), but either way, we will come out of this pandemic stronger. Students gained some unexpected skills, and I certainly became a better teacher.

Everything you see here is a product of and testament to the tireless work of our young students who were willing to learn new skills of how to participate in online meetings and follow instructions, as well as to their parents who dedicated their time to help with it. It is also thanks to our tween and teen students who continued passionately drawing in spite of having even more school work then usual. Finally, it is thanks to our adult students who kept participating in classes even when the work schedule was difficult and life circumstances overwhelming.

Thank you for being with us this semester and for joining us today. Enjoy the show!

Anita Sulimanovic
Founder & Lead Instructor
Studio 1.6
1509 1/2 Webster St.
Alameda CA, 94501
(510) 473-8940
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