Adult Students Gallery

"I am moved to write this review for Studio 1.6 out of a profound appreciation for the positive impact that my art classes have done to enhance the quality of my life in general, but particularly during this era of shelter in place.
About a year ago, I started as a beginning art student at Studio 1.6 and was intimidated about doing art, having been pretty much estranged from it since Kindergarten! But I'd observed Anita working with my son at camp and I trusted her to help me through! And true to her nature, Anita has offered me thoughtful instruction, gentle direction and enthusiastic encouragement.  Anita is particularly skilled as a teacher as she teaches art skills while actively encouraging creativity and self expression.
The Studio 1.6 classes have offered a range of art projects and hands on learning experience on working with different mediums and art subjects.  Over time, I have gained some confidence in my nascent art abilities, but most importantly, I have enjoyed becoming more aware of what I see. This enhanced awareness creeps up at times when I am not "doing my art,' but simply shows up wherever I might be. I've become more attuned and "present" to my environment and have noticed visual things, I'd otherwise have missed.  
I am so grateful to have my art lessons and projects as my "personal respite" providing hours of calm from my worries and responsibilities. It makes me happy."