Our Story

Studio 1.6* offers art classes and private lessons with academic value. We teach studio art disciplines – drawing, painting, and sculpture. All classes are held in an active artist’s studio. Personalized attention from a professional artist and a curriculum that is individually crafted to each student’s interests and goals enhances learning in many ways. Immersing yourself in a creative environment helps you succeed in your artistic endeavors. We provide instruction that is skill-based through historically-proven training methods. 

We offer various art classes for young children, youth, and adults, as well as special programs such as art camps, art workshops, life drawing sessions, open studio time and private tutoring and portfolio preparation. Beginners to advanced students are welcome, we provide differentiated classroom environment. Art History is an integral part of our curriculum. We also offer classes for homeschooled children that combine studio art and art history.

* One point six (1.6 or more precisely 1.618…) is a special number, also known as the Golden Ratio. It is a proportion that often appears in art, geometry and architecture. The Golden Ratio is also found in the design and beauty of nature, and has been used by many artists to achieve the same aesthetics in art.

Our Studio

Studio 1.6 is located in the heart of Alameda's historical Webster Street district.

Our bright and spacious studio is an environment in which to develop your artistic skills - a working artist's studio with all the materials you could need!

We are next to the Alameda Farmers Market, Pacific Pinball Museum, some of Alameda’s best cafes and restaurants and only a stone’s throw away from the Crown Memorial State Beach. We are just a short ride away from Oakland and Berkeley; many of our students are coming from neighboring cities.


Our Founder & Lead Instructor

Anita Sulimanovic is an award winning artist and educator with 25+ years experience in the field. Her experience includes teaching at the Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland and at Oakland School For the Arts, and delivering art programs at several other schools including the art school that she had established in US after moving from Europe in 2008. Anita received her degree of Master of Fine Arts (MFA) from Edinburgh College of Art . She also received classical European training in drawing, painting, applied arts, design, art education, art history and a BA in Sculpture from  The Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb, Croatia. Anita is the creator and designer of “The Planet” award for “ BBC World Music Awards ”. She has been exhibiting internationally since 1994. Anita lives and works in Alameda, CA. She was one of the providers for the Alameda Education Foundation art enrichment program in Alameda Schools (Amelia Earhart, Bay Farm, Edison, Franklin, Lum, Maya Lin, Nea and Otis). 

To view Anita's artwork, please visit her website

"My older's child drawing (and handwriting!) improved so much over the several months of attending the drawing class that he gained new confidence and deepened his love of expressing his ideas visually."