We are looking for high school or college students interns, preferably those who attend or have attended classes at Studio 1.6 or have similar experiences and love art, to help with our art classes and art camps. To inquire please send an email outlining your interest to:

 Assistant Art Teacher

We are looking for an assistant art teacher with in-depth knowledge of visual arts and basic principles/mediums of art to help conduct art classes.
This position will offer limited hours at the beginning. After showing ability and dependability, more work hours will be offered.

BFA or MFA or an equivalent level of experience or training in studio art disciplines (drawing, painting and/or sculpture)*
Hours - mostly afternoons and weekends
The candidate must have the ability to differentiate, create, modify, and adapt meaningful projects connected with curriculum framework and to adapt the curriculum to the needs of each student. 
Classroom experience is not necessary; we provide all the curriculum and support, you provide the expertise in your area and willingness to share it with the students. 
Preparation of the studio for classes.
Teaching and giving guidance to students on their projects - our students are often quite accomplished artists and very talented youth. Please review their artwork on our student gallery page
To be motivated to work with children of all ages and abilities. 
To provide a differentiated classroom experience.
To be able to teach adults would be a bonus.

- Résumé including your education level, experience, art skills, and a short description of subjects that you could teach
- Portfolio of your work (20 photos or a link to your website) 
- Portfolio of your students' work (if available)
- 3 professional references
Please send your materials to

Guest Teachers

We are  looking for experts and guest teachers who would be able to bring their own curriculum and independently teach classes in any of these areas:
- Photography for Kids
- Architecture for Kids
- Anime Drawing
- Art History for Homeschooled Kids
- Shibori 
- Kintsugi 
- Suminagashi
- Basketry
- Mathematics in Art
- Drawing Storyboards for Film
- Drawing for Fashion Design
- Environmental Art