Young Artist Scholarship

We at Studio 1.6 nurture talent in the visual arts and teach drawing, painting, and sculpture for children that love to express themselves through the arts as well as youth preparing for various professions in the creative fields. We think it is crucial to support talented students at an early age and give them the opportunity to develop their skills throughout their childhoods.  Imagine the world if Leonardo da Vinci did not receive art education. And this doesn’t just apply to strictly artistic fields: Steve Jobs took a calligraphy class at college, which eventually inspired the elegance for which Apple computers are renowned.

The creativity facilitated through art education shapes the world around us, and with the Young Artist Scholarship program, we want to provide this opportunity to students who might not otherwise have access to it. All donations go directly towards scholarships for students. 

This program started during the outbreak of COVID-19, when one of our adult students generously offered to donate a scholarship to a young student whose parents might be struggling to afford classes. This was followed by more donations and this summer, three students were awarded scholarships to attend online art classes and one more was awarded by the studio.